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For decades demographers have measured the impact of the Baby Boomers. This post-war population boom following WWII has had a significant social, economic, and political impact on our world. One of the most interesting developments has been the "Boomer's" view on aging and their pro-active approach in managing their personal health.

Demographers have monitored this trend and market research by large pharmaceutical and consumer cosmetic companies have seen the tsunami event coming for some time and have been carefully positiong their products and services to capitalize on this trend, particularly among the millions of affluent baby boomers.

To a lesser degree, healthcare institutions have been aware of this trend of the age-defying boomer, but have not until recent years positioned more of their services to meet the growing demand among boomers for more progressive and proactive healthcare solutions to meet their needs as they age.

This can be seen in the growing demand for cosmetic surgery, invasive weight loss procedures, and a growing interest in alternative healthcare treatments ranging from accupuncture to nutritional supplementation.

Physicians weary of restrictive managed care controls and the limitations of traditional medicine to meet the demands of the insurance companies are looking to grow their practice in a more fulfilling manner by helping their patients manage their age related healthcare issues. Not to just treat age related conditions but to also work their their patients to help prevent the onset of age related disease in a proactive, ethical, and compassionate manner.

Age Practice Specialists

Age Practice specializes in helping phyisicans create an attractive and compelling healthcare alternative for their existing and prospective patients by designing a strategy that attracts motivated, health conscious patients. These are patients who are motivated to do whatever it takes to help them mitigate the effects of aging. Patients who are willing to take preventive measures even if it is a private pay test or protocol.

To help our Client physicians reach these motivated health-conscious patients, we research, brand and position their new Anti Aging practice in a way to obtain optimum results with this affluent baby boomer segment that is embracing new and progressive alternatives to traditional healthcare.

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